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The Flower Riviera

The Riviera dei Fiori is the last strip of Liguria before the Côte d'Azur, and is one of the most beautiful areas of this extraordinary land also for its colors of the sea of ​​flowers and for its ever-springy climate. From the earliest times the pleasant climate has always been appreciated by its population and is already shown by the historical and prehistoric evidence that narrates a story begun tens of thousands of years ago, as evidenced by the remains of prehistoric men living in the caverns of the Balzi Rossi , Close to Ventimiglia. In the Riviera dei Fiori tourism lasts all year long, winter is mild and slightly rainy and the living room is enlivened by a rich program of events, not just summer. Its enchanting beaches, the noble towns rich in exotic gardens and vintage villas, and the hamlet villages, testimonies of a past era, make Riviera dei Fiori a fascinating and unique territory. Discovered by the British in the mid-nineteenth century, the Riviera dei Fiori has long been the destination of narrow elites from all over the world, and then, fifty years ago, into the circuits of the tourism industry. Seaside tourism is now a well-established reality, but in addition to the vast golden beaches of fine sand and cliff cliffs overhanging the sea, visitors can go on discovering hidden itineraries and medieval villages perched on the hills. Well-known the beauty of its historic centers of Ventimiglia, Bordighera, and Sanremo. For centuries, travelers, poets, philosophers, painters, photographers have often represented this last band of Liguria, translating it into their paintings, books and poems. For the sport the offer is very wide: you can go fishing, wind surfing and surfing, diving in the backdrops to discover the underwater life, riding or cycling. Fun also for those who prefer other disciplines: golf, bungee jumping (triora), free climbing, tennis, bocce, ... The Italian Song Festival, which takes place every year in Sanremo, and the world of a sparkling nightlife on horseback between the Riviera and the French Riviera, complete and satisfy every kind of fun.


At the millennial richness of history and monuments, Ventimiglia has always united the geographical position of border towns between Liguria and Provence. Located in the center of the area between Sanremo and the Principality of Monaco. The seaside town surrounded by the Ventimiglia mountains has the right cards to present itself in this dress to the visitor eager to discover the ancient and modern charm of the extreme Ligurian west.

The Battle of Flowers
After a break of more than 10 years, the Battle of Flowers is synonymous with celebration, in which fantasy, the capacity of artists and sculptors, the beauty of flowers and representations blend in harmony with unforgettable colors and scents . Different companies, divided by districts, are confronted with a free or fixed theme that is decided year after year and prepare allegorical wagons that go along a city path accompanied by music bands and folk groups.